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Lakehead University Magazine Fall/Winter 2005

Alumni Matters

Message from the President

By Vonnie Cheng

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"
Henry Ford

Vonnie ChengNew beginnings, progress, and successes are the hallmarks of every project undertaken by the Alumni Association of Lakehead University this year. A number of new initiatives including the Alumni Coffee Breaks and Student Pizza Day were launched to promote communication, friendship, partnership, and a sense of community among our 37,000 alumni, current students, and the University. May 2005 saw the publication of our first Alumni E-Newsletter. In the same month, the Association celebrated and honored the achievements of two outstanding alumni – Stephen Low and Chris Fernyc – at the 2nd Annual Alumni Awards Dinner. At the spring 2005 Convocation, we initiated the tradition of presenting an alumni pin to all new graduates to commemorate their membership in the Alumni Association and to congratulate them on their academic success. In August, the Association teamed up with Lakehead Athletics for the first time and staged the 22nd Annual Alumni Golf Scholarship Classic in support of student financial aid, with particular emphasis on student athletes at the University.

The 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend was the result of another partnership undertaken by the Alumni Association this year. The project was co-funded by the Association and Lakehead University. Countless alumni volunteers, University staff, community partners, and event sponsors came together, stayed together, and worked together to bring our alumni back on campus to celebrate the remarkable achievements and the 40th Anniversary of our Alma Mater. It was a richly rewarding experience that has made a lasting impact on everyone involved.

During the series of fun-filled celebration events leading up to the activity-packed 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend (September 29-October 2), the Alumni Association and the University were pleased to welcome back hundreds of alumni who had not been on campus for a long time. The pride, joy, and admiration that our alumni felt were palpable as they saw how far the University has progressed as a world-class institution of learning, teaching, and research. The leading-edge technology housed in the Advanced Technology & Academic Centre, the new athletic facilities available at The Hangar, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine located on campus, speak to the advances that Lakehead has made in the last few years alone.

The Fireworks Birthday Extravaganza and the 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend gave our alumni the opportunity to reconnect with the University, renew past friendships, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. In the coming months, the Association will continue to build on our existing partnerships and provide more opportunities for our alumni to stay connected with each other and the University. Plans are already under way to make 2006 a stellar year in terms of new beginings, progress, and successes. We strongly encourage you to get involved in your Association in any capacity that is of interest to you. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Please give us your comments on how we can serve you better, and what types of events, services, and benefits would appeal to you most, and how we can enhance our E-Newsletter and communication with you. Currently, we have approximately 10,000 alumni who are “unaddressable” due to outdated address information. We urge you to update your email and contact information through our website A www.lakeheadualumni.ca whenever you are on the move. Last but not least, we hope that you will visit the website often for details on our activities, to participate in our future online surveys, or simply to keep in touch with the Alumni Association and Lakehead University.

With your support and the dedication of the Alumni Board, I know that, together, we can achieve even greater successes. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our future events.

Celebration Weekend

For Photos of all the 40th Anniversary Celebrations go online: www.lakeheadualumni.ca/40years/

40th Anniversary Celebrations
Left: Mary-Carol Gellert and Jim Gellert, Jennifer Everett and Lorne Everett, Chancellor
Below Left: Jen Scott, John Tornblom, and Marg Page
Below Right: Mark Piovesana

More than 140 golfers took part in the 22nd Annual Alumni Open in August raising approximately $15,000 for student scholarships with an emphasis on student athletes. Special thanks to major sponsors: RBC Royal Bank, TBayTel, The Chronicle- Journal, and Mallon’s Corporate Impressions.

Thirty-two alumni, students, and parents attended the 4th Annual Ottawa Student Send-off in August at the MBNA Canada Headquarters. Students had the opportunity to meet with alumni and to listen to a presentation by Robert Perrier, Lakehead’s Senior Recruitment Officer. For information about next year’s event, contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

Lakehead has joined with five other Ontario universities in offering a license plate of its own. The plate, emblazoned with the Thunderwolves logo, can be purchased through the University's Office of Alumni Relations or through the Ministry of Transportation. To view a sample and to learn more, visit: A www.lakeheadualumni.ca
A new slate of officers was elected to the Alumni Association of Lakehead University at the Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2005.

Vonnie Cheng, BSc‘80, BA‘82, GDBus‘92, HBA‘92
Mark Tilbury, HBComm‘94
David Heroux, BAdmin’82, HBComm‘84
Diane Thompson, BA‘94
Past President
Ken Owen, BA‘94

John Bonofiglio, BA‘79, HBA‘81
Patty Habl-Gregory, HBA’96, BEd’97
Dan Mackie, BA‘02
Donna Marsh, BAdmin’01
Ben Kaminski, BA‘82, HBA’00
Glendon Tremblay, HBOR/BA’03
Joe Quaresima, HBComm‘00
Brian Stroud, HBSc‘02
Shelley Trewin, BA’94
John Zahn, EngDip’83, BAdmin‘86
David Heald, BA’84, Board of Governors Rep.

Phone: (807) 343 - 8155
Toll Free: 1-800-832-8076
Fax: (807) 343 - 8999
Email: alumni@lakeheadu.ca 
Website: www.lakeheadualumni.ca

Do you have an idea for an alumni event or activity? If so, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.
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