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Lakehead University Magazine Fall/Winter 2007

Books by Faculty

The existential Joss WhedonThe Existential Joss Whedon: Evil andHuman Freedom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Serenity

by J. Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rabb
"It is important to analyze the work of Whedon because he deals with important moral, psychological, and philosophical issues, using a narrative and metaphorical method rather than more thorny abstractions,” says Mike Richardson, “This allows him to speak to the youth of today directly, in a language they can quickly grasp. Moreover, he is one of the earliest forces in American TV to try to create a strong and independent female hero with whom the males on the show can work comfortably."

A Change of Plans: Women's Stories of Hemorrhagic Stroke

by Sharon Dale Stone
This book is a collection of 11 narratives by women who experienced hemorrhagic strokes before the age of 50. The author herself experienced a stroke as a young girl. It came on suddenly and the symptoms were misdiagnosed. "I hope that these stories will be empowering for women survivors of stroke,” says Sharon Dale Stone, “I feel confident that many women who have survived a stroke and been left with impairments will find something in these women's stories that will resonate with their own experiences."

Children's Human Rights: Challenging Global Barriers to the Child Liberation Movement

by Sonja Grover
This book will be of interest to persons teaching or doing research on topics regarding society and law, social justice, human rights, and children’s rights in various disciplines such as sociology, law, education, social work, and political science. Since coming to Lakehead University, Grover has published extensively in the area of children’s human rights and social justice in various international refereed academic journals. For details visit www.groverbooks.net.

Against Freud: Critics Talk Back

by Todd Dufresne
Against Freud collects the frank musings of some of the world’s best critics of Freud, providing a convincing and coherent “case against Freud” that is as amusing as it is rigorously presented. Author Todd Dufresne writes in the book’s Preface, "Against Freud provides the much-needed inside story, and occasionally some dirt, about the theory, practice, and business of psychoanalysis across a range of critical perspectives and specialties."
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