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Lakehead University Magazine Spring/Summer 2007

International Class Notes

Where are they now?

In October we contacted International Alumni and Exchange Students asking them to share their news before January 1, 2007, for a chance to win a Lakehead t-shirt. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Phillip Hollis.

The following Class Notes were edited by Ade Sekudo (HBA’06), an International student from Nigeria enrolled in the Master’s program in Business Management.


In addition to enjoying the distinguished role of being Lakehead University’s Chancellor, Lorne G. Everett (BSc’66, HBSc’68) is the Chief Scientist and Senior VP of Haley & Aldrich in Santa Barbara, CA.

Everett left Thunder Bay in 1968 and received a PhD in hydrology in 1972 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. After joining the Faculty in the Department of Hydrology in Tucson, he was invited in 1974 to join General Electric’s Think Tank in Santa Barbara. In August 2006 he was invited – for the 14th year in a row – by the Science Advisor to the Pope to attend sessions on Planetary Emergencies where he gave the Annual Report on World Pollution to the World Federation of Scientists led by Nobel Laureates.

In September 2006, Everett was invited to give the keynote address at Brownfields Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His wife Jennifer Mae Hawkins (Library Technology, ‘67) participates in his international travel. In 2006, Everett published two new books: Submarine Groundwater published by CRC Press, and Groundwater Resources of the World and Their Use by NGWA Press. Both books were published with Professor Igor Zektser, Head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Water Problems Laboratory in Moscow.

Everett has received the Kapitsa Gold Medal from the Russian Academy, the C.V. Theis Award from the American Institute of Hydrology, The A. Ivan Johnson Outstanding Achievement Award, The U.S. Navy Medal of Excellence, and the Award of Merit, the highest honor bestowed by the American Society for Testing and Materials International.
> Email: LEverett@haleyaldrich.com


After graduating from Lakehead, Y. Alexander Ho (Eng.Tech’77, BEng‘79) obtained his MSc in 1985 from the University of Saskatchewan. He is married with two children and living in Hong Kong, where he is Senior Manager with the Hong Kong Housing Society.
> Email: alex@hkhs.com


Shiu Yuen Tong (Eng.Dip’78, BEng ‘80) is married to Wing Ngan (HBSc’80) and they have a son in the ninth grade at Trinity College in Port Hope, ON. Tong is working as a project manager with Omas Construction and Engineering Company in Macau SAR, China, where he is in charge of two projects worth $200 million. Ngan is employed at the Macau Government’s Security Force Department as a computer consultant. They love living in Macau and are excited at the prospect of reconnecting with old classmates.
> Email: dtongmo@hotmail.com

David Berko (For.Tech. Dip.’82, BSc’82) lives in Rocklin near Sacramento, CA, and is working in Medical Sales in northern California and Hawaii. He is married with three grown children and enjoys dirt biking, fly fishing, and riding his Harley all over northern California and Nevada. He says he often thinks of his years at Lakehead and of the things he misses in Thunder Bay.

Helene Wallach (MA’82) acquired her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1988 and then moved back to Israel with her three children. While in Israel, she received a license to practice clinical psychology, completed studies in hypnosis and marital and family therapy, and started her own clinic where she gave cognitive-behavior therapy workshops for educational psychologists and psychiatrists. She worked at the Ministry of Health from 1989 to 1997 and has served on the Israeli parole board since 2003. Helene has also been teaching criminology and psychology in colleges and at Haifa University. In fact, she headed the criminology department at Emek Vezreel University from 2000 to 2005. She is up for promotion to senior lecturer, and enjoys publishing articles, chapters in books, and giving poster and paper presentations. She also has a passion for horseback riding (English, Jumping, and Dressage) and has made two trips to Ireland for cross-country riding.

Marcus Khoo (BSc‘83) has spent the last 23 years doing Quality Assurance in various semi-conductor and electronics companies. He has also graduated with a Master’s degree in Quality Management from Loyola University in New Orleans. Marcus has recently been invited by the American Society of Quality in Milwaukee to develop the Certified Quality Auditors exam. He now lives in San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
> Email: marcuskhoo@yahoo.com
Jim at the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in IndiaJim Lalonde (HBSc’83) completed a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Texas A&M in 1987. He was promoted to VP (R&D) at Codexis (www.codexis.com), an international biotechnology company with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area. Jim is responsible for leading their research and developing efficient methods for pharmaceuticals for both generics and for new drugs. As part of his job, he travels to pharmaceutical companies around the world. This picture was taken at the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ankeleshwar, India. Jim is kneeling, second from left in the picture. Jim is married, has four children, and lives in Palo Alto, CA.
> Email: jimjlalonde@yahoo.com

After brief stops in British Columbia, Singapore, and Malaysia, Sid Nair (DiplEng’83, BEng’85) is finally settled in Australia where he is married to Sudha Nair and has two children. He currently presides over the evaluations unit at the Centre for Higher Education Quality at Monash University where he enjoys the responsibility of ensuring the quality of learning and teaching within the institution as well as the formulation of policy to better the educational needs of the students. Sid acquired a Master’s degree from Queen’s University and a PhD in Australia. He eloquently summarizes his learning experience at Lakehead with a quote from Bernard Shaw, “You see things, and ask: Why? But I dream things that never were, and ask Why not?”
> Email: Sid.nair@adm.monash.edu.au

Greg Curniski with familyGreg Curniski (BSc’85) followed his Bachelor’s degree by working in Kenora, ON; Big River and Prince Albert, SK; and Grande Cache, AB. During this period, he tested his versatility as a Professional Forester by changing roles no less than six times! From Grand Cache, Greg moved to Toutle, WA, on the western slopes of Mt. St. Helens. At the moment, Greg lives in Longview, Washington, on the Columbia River. Greg and his second wife Gerri married in 1999 at Kananaskis, AB, and they have a four-year-old daughter Remi Briel. Their oldest daughter Shay is completing high school and their son Chris is preparing for university. Greg has enjoyed crossing paths with many Lakehead alumni in his travels and would like to send his regards to the Class of ’85, in particular, Paul Burke, Karen Wright, Olenka Bakowsky, and Jacque Tracey.
> Email: gcurnis@adelphia.net

Ron Fairbanks with FamilyRon Fairbanks (HBScF’88) lives in Vialonga, Portugal, where he and his wife Dalia are engaged in evangelical missionary work. They recently celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in Scotland while visiting friends. The Fairbanks have four children in primary school: Joel, Tamara, Jason, and Hannah.
> Email: ron.fairbanks@gmail.com

Phillip Hollis (BEd’89) took up a teaching job at Page Private School in Beverly Hills, CA, soon after leaving Lakehead. He followed that with yet another teaching job at Community Magnet (California Distinguished, National Blue Ribbon) with the Los Angeles Unified School District. During that time, he learned how to speak Spanish, and became a bilingual coordinator, a mentor teacher, and a recipient of the “Video in the Classroom” award from KLCS television. In 2003, Phillip received his Masters degree from California State University, Northridge, in educational administration and then became an Assistant Principal, Elementary Instructional Specialist, with responsibilities that included special education. In the summer of 2006, while in Thunder Bay visiting family, he received a call from a charter school and is now the Principal at Marquez Charter School in Pacific Palisades, CA. Phillip intends to continue his education and obtain an Ed.D. focusing on either reading or the influence of parent participation on student achievement. Phillip can be reached by long lost friends and acquaintances at
> phollis@lausd.k12.ca.us or by visiting his charter school’s website at
> www.marquezcharter.org

Hin Cheung Yip (BSc‘87), a.k.a. Drick, moved to Australia in 1991 and became a citizen in 1994. Yip followed his Math degree with a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), in May 1996, and is now working as the Team Leader of Network Engineering at Trust Company Ltd. Drick and his wife Iris have two children, Mandy and Kelvin.
> Email: drick_yip@yahoo.com


Robin Johnston (BAdmin’92) lives in North Carolina where he has been based since 1999 when he moved there to start a software company which grew from 4 employees to 95 in just 18 months. He took a position as a Vice-President (Development) at Randolph Community College where he oversaw details of strategic planning, marketing, and fundraising. He has since left the College to work as a professional speaker, author, and consultant. He wrote a book called the “Lead Generation Handbook” and was recently appointed executive director for Tallahassee Community College Foundation. Visit his website at
> www.robinjohnston.com or contact him by email:
> robincjohnston@hotmail.com
Shortly after graduating from Lakehead, Shatal Thapa (BSc’93, HBSc’94) moved to Sydney, Australia, and obtained his B.Pharm degree at the University of Sydney. He is now settled in Sydney full-time, where he works as a Pharmacist. Currently, however, he is in England for one year working for Boots the Chemist.
> Email: thapashatal@hotmail.com

Ning Liu (BA’98, MScF‘03) returned to China where he is now married and serving as a lecturer in Forest Genetics at Shanxi Agricultural University. He and his wife have one son, Evan, born in the summer of 2006. Ning Liu loves to reminisce on his days spent at Lakehead, particularly the cold winter ones. He is grateful for the opportunity to share his news.
> Email: dningliu@yahoo.com

Jason Alexander Matheson (HBSc’96) lives in Shakopee, MN, with his wife Susan and their one-year-old daughter Teagan Alexandra. Jason works as a Senior Instructional Designer/Trainer with QLogic Corporation, where he develops and delivers training in North America and Asia. He is also working on his Masters of Education, specializing in Distance and Online Learning.

After graduating from Lakehead, Chris Coughlin (HBSc‘96) went to Queen’s University and completed his Masters in Physics in 1998. After working in Toronto for a year, he accepted a position in Austin, Texas, working for Texas Research International where he has been ever since. As a by-product of his work with the U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Defense, he was awarded permanent residence (also known as “green card”) status in 2004 under the National Interest Waiver. In 2006, Chris was awarded U.S. Patent #7,080,555, “Distributed Mode System For Real Time Acoustic Emission Monitoring.” The system outlined in the patent (http://www.lahmp.com/) successfully completed flight tests aboard an F-15E Strike Eagle several months ago. He is hopeful that the system will eventually become standard equipment aboard passenger aircraft as well, and has been in discussions with both Boeing and Airbus on the subject. Chris believes that as an “early warning” damage detection system, the system could help improve airline safety.
> Email: chris_coughlin@hotmail.com

Simon Pollard (BSc’96, HBSc’99) spent one year working for Royal Oak Mines in Timmins before joining Placer Dome Canada’s Musselwhite Mine, based in Thunder Bay. In April 2004, he married Lisa Spack (BSc’03) and then accepted a transfer within the company to be the Chief Geologist at the Henty Gold Mine on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia.> Email: SPollard@Barrick.com
After graduation, Jackie T. Hrabok (MSc’99) opted for a postgraduate internship at the University of Alaska and volunteered with the University’s Reindeer Research Program in Nome on the Seward Peninsula. This experience enabled her to research the environmental impact of oil development and spills on Arctic mammals and vegetation. From Alaska, Jackie moved East to Sweden where she earned her PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden, under the guidance of international academics from Australia, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, and Sweden. She credits all her accomplishments to her adventurous spirit and spends her free time playing hockey and reminiscing about the good old days spent with family in Thunder Bay. At the moment, Jackie is seeking funding to pursue a position with the Finnish Game & Fisheries Reindeer Research Station in Finland. Learn more by reading her story “A Personal Migration in Search of Arctic Dreams”. Friends may contact her at:
> Jackie.Hrabok@bvf.slu.se


Katherine Fauvelle (HBSW’02) originally from Corwith, IA, now lives in Denver, CO, with her husband Robert (BEng‘98) and their basset-hound George. She received a Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver in August 2005, and is currently employed as an Information Services Librarian with the Jefferson County Public Library system in the Denver Metro area. Katherine and Robert enjoy spending their free time together watching Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Rockies games. They also enjoy the many outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, not to mention the weather!

Sarah FausetUpon graduation, Sarah Fauset (BEd’03) set out to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea. What was originally intended to be a one-year stint blossomed into a memorable three-year endeavor, one Sarah will be hard-pressed to forget. Her job enabled her to assimilate Korea’s unique culture and interact with fellow foreign teachers from the United States, South Africa, Australia, and England. She also travelled to Japan and Thailand. Sarah misses her students and has partnered with top South Korean schools in an attempt to provide them with more English-speaking Canadian teachers.
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