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Lakehead University Magazine Spring/Summer 2006

Class Notes

By Sara Tennier


A new book by Cyril Dabydeen (HBEng’73), Drums of My Flesh, was launched in Ottawa in December 2005. The book adds to the already considerable body of fiction produced by Dabydeen, Poet Laureate of Ottawa from 1984 to 1987.

Annamarie Walcz (BEd’78) has been blessed with two sons Daniel, 16, and Josh, 19. Having recently moved back to Calgary, AB, they plan to learn how to sail this summer.


Roger Lee (BEng’81) works in Hong Kong for Schmidt & Co. (HK) Ltd. as the Managing Director. He is planning to establish a publicly listed company in Hong Kong.

Debra Rose Wilson (née Colvin, Kuper) (HBScN’81, BA’81) recently completed her PhD in Psychology with a focus on psychoneuroimmunology. Her dissertation examined the relationship between stress management and health. In 2002, she graduated from Tennessee State University with a Master of Science in Holistic Nursing. She was honored with the Martin Gerstein Award for her outstanding performance at Walden University, and has been nominated for the Walden dissertation of the year award. She is currently living in Nashville, TN, with her husband Bill and their dog Barkley. Her son Joe is attending college in Calgary.

Wilson coordinates and teaches the Master of Science in Holistic Nursing program at Tennessee State University. This unique and fully accredited program was developed by Wilson to offer graduate education for nurses in holistic approaches to patients. It includes certifications in many complementary modalities for health care. She also teaches at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, and will soon be teaching at Walden University in their School of Psychology. Last summer, she completed eight education videos for nurses in Holistic Nursing at MGM Studios in Florida. This spring, she will add to her list of accomplishments by travelling to Cape Town University in South Africa to help put their nursing program online.

Isabel Grace (née Tempesta) (BAdmin’84), along with her husband Paul and son Andrew, recently moved from Thunder Bay to Peterborough, ON, where she has accepted a position as Superintendent of Business and Finance with the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board.

Jade Yesim Unal (HBSc’89) is working as a Senior Staff Geologist in the East Central Business Unit of Husky Energy.


Robert Worona (BEng’92) is Regional Project Coordinator for the Planning and Capital Development department of the Calgary Health Region. In 2004, he earned the designations of Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and Professional Engineer (PEng), in Alberta.

Laura Beeby (HBA’93, BEd’00) spent three-and-a-half years as a copywriter for Generator Advertising + Design in Thunder Bay. She moved to Haarlem, The Netherlands, to live with her fiancé Ruud Lodder. After waiting almost a year for the Dutch government to grant her a residence permit, she is now working in the biotechnology sector as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Genzyme Europe BV. In her spare time she works on the compulsory Dutch language/culture course and sings with her folk band, ELSA. Her son Alex, 19, is working at Sears and plans to join the couple in Holland for their wedding in 2006. The three share the same dream of moving to the UK, where Alex hopes to pursue a career in music. Contact her by email: A l.l.beeby@hccnet.nl

Lisa Lockett (née Stevenson) (BAdmin’95) married her high school sweetheart Shawn in 1998. Brenden was born in September 2001, followed three years later by Zachary, also a September baby.

Andrea Trembath (née Perry) (HBA’95, BEd’97) works as a travel counsellor for the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation in Fort Frances, ON. She and her husband Cameron are proud to announce the safe arrival of their first child, Magnus Alexander, on August 2, 2005.

Jennifer Chambers (BEd’95, BEd’05) completed two additional qualification courses at Lakehead and was hired last fall by the Upper Canada District School Board in Brockville, ON, to teach a Grade 7/8 class, and Special Education.

Tracy Compton (née Lindstrom) (HBK’95, BEd’96) has gone through a lot these past 10 years. Shortly after graduating in 1996, she married her husband Jeff and began work as a teacher at the local public high school in Kenora, ON. August 2003 was a difficult month, as she and Jeff had to say both hello and a difficult goodbye to their first-born son. However, as grief stricken as they were, they were soon blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Tyler Mitchell (BA’96) has written a book about mapping software techniques using open source software called Web Mapping Illustrated (O’Reilly, 2005). He is currently managing the GIS department for a major forestry consulting company in Prince George, BC.

Donald Paul Turnau (BA’96) works in Ottawa, ON, with his new wife Micheline. They were married in August 2004, and were expecting their first child in December 2005.

After receiving her licence to practice Professional Engineering, Chantal Chiddle (née Lefebvre) (BEng’96) left the consulting business and returned to the municipal water and wastewater field. She is a Utilities Engineer with Utilities Kingston and lives in Kingston, ON.

Kristen Zillman (née Lawrence) (BA’97) is happy to announce that she was married in October 2004 to John Zillman.

Kevin Goodick (BEng’98) is employed with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. at the Chalk River Laboratories in Chalk River, ON. He joined AECL in 2003, and is currently the Section Head for Electrical Design in the Site Engineering Services Department. He recently purchased a new home in the area.

Cynthia Auckland (HBMus’98) married Michael Fedorowski (BA’98) in 2000. They have two daughters, Emily, 3, and Abigail, 1.

Hong My Luu (HBComm’98) recently received her CGA designation. She also wrote and passed the Professional Applications 1 exam in December 2004.

William Gottschall, Jr. (MA’99) is finishing his PhD in Sociology while working as a sessional lecturer at the University of Ottawa. He has three children now, and would love to hear  from anyone from his cohort.


Eleanor Acker (Lib. Inform. Studies’00) is working at the Vancouver Public Library. She lives in North Vancouver, BC, and enjoys hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and cultural activities. Email: eacker@hotmail. com
Rebecca Domjanic (née Chandler) (BA/BEd’00) is teaching the primary/junior class at Willow Landing Elementary School in Barrie, ON. She married her high school sweetheart in July 2003 in the Bahamas. Their daughter Ava was born in September 2004.

Susan Burt-Peckford (BA’00) completed an honours diploma in addictions counselling in 2001. She has also completed the fasttrack Bachelors of Nursing degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in 2004, and is currently working on her Masters of Nursing degree through distance education at MUN.

Miranda Waterfall (née Weeks) (BEd/BA’01) is an elementary school teacher with the Durham District School Board. She was married in August 2003, and is happy to announce the birth of her daughter in June 2005.

Shannon Roen (née Dent) (BEd’02) is a Grade 7 teacher in Calgary, AB. She and her husband Mark were married August 20, 2005, in Calgary.

Kristen Pierce (née Rowe) (BEd’03) is happy to announce her marriage to Ben in July 2004. He is a pilot and AME apprentice at SunWestHome Aviation in Calgary.

Shivonne Lewis (HBA’02, BEd’03) is working as a teacher for the Peel District School Board. She and Phillip Young were married last October.

Sarah Garrett (BEd’05) lives in Guelph, ON, and accepted a contract teaching position two months after graduation. She recently bought a new house in the city.

Melissa Shaw (née Currie) (BA/BEd’05) married Evan Shaw in May 2005. She works as a teacher in Webequie, ON.

Richard Chander (BEd’05) lives in Mississauga and is currently waiting “for an opening in the Canadian education system.” He says that Lakehead University “played a big role in my becoming a better teacher. Lakehead – thank you for everything!”

Lisa Rose Thouas (née Paquette) (HBA’05) is applying for her Masters degree in Psychology for September 2006. In August 2005, she married George Thouas (BEng’05), a Structural Design Engineer-in-training.

Tara Hahkala (BA/BEd’05) works as an occasional teacher for the Rainy River District School Board. She was married in August 2005 to Frederick Crawford.

Matthew Lance (BA/BEd’05) is a Geography/World Issues teacher for Grades 9 and 12 at W.C. Eaket Secondary School in Blind River, ON.

Heather Baese (BEd’05) has opened up her own preschool in Port Rowan, ON. The program is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5, and is a place where they will have opportunities to play and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.

Debra Embury (née Woods) (HBComm’05) has moved to Calgary, AB, where she has found employment downtown. She has also been working with a marketing firm in developing a business plan for a new business venture that is now in the works. Her nine-year-old daughter is enjoying Calgary and her new school.

Lindsay Riggin (BAdmin’05), an Auditor with BDO Dunwoody LLP, is living in Thunder Bay and loves all it has to offer. She is working towards her Chartered Accountant designation.


Dr. James (Jim) Widdop, former Chair of the Theory of Coaching Graduate Program

Robert (Bob) Thompson, BA’75


In the Fall/Winter ’05 issue we misspelled the name of June Kerr (née Willianen) who told us about three generations of Lakehead graduates in her family: June Kerr (HBComm’74), her father Roy Willianen (BA’69), and her daughter Jaime Kerr (BA Gerontology, 2005). June and her husband John Kerr live in Coldstream, BC. We apologize for the error.
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