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Lakehead University Magazine Fall/Winter 2004

Campus News

'Fatal Flower' Blooms at Lakehead

Fatal FlowerMembers of the local film community have teamed up with faculty and students from Lakehead to pay tribute to one of the most important episodes in the history of film in Canada. “The Fatal Flower” is a feature-length silent film that was shot in 1929, but not completed. It was finished in Thunder Bay as a collaborative effort and had its world premiere at the Finlandia Club on October 7, 2004.

Flash Frame, a local film and video cooperative, has the entire body of original work by the Port Arthur Cinema Society from the 1920s. The Society went bankrupt in 1930 during the Depression, but managed to produce two complete feature-length amateur films – the first featurelength films in Canada.

“A Race for Ties” is a drama involving a family needing to save itself financially by winning a contract for railway ties. “Sleep Inn Beauty” is a slapstick comedy framed around a beauty contest. Both were written by Dorothea Mitchell, perhaps the first independent female filmmaker in Canada.

Producing “The Fatal Flower” has been a team effort, says Professor Ronald Harpelle, project manager and producer. “The film project is one of local resonance with national significance. It challenges conventional thinking on film in remote communities.”

For more information visit www.ladylumberjack.ca

Premier Dalton McGuinty breaks the groundSCHOOL of MEDICINE
Breaks Ground

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was on campus last August to break ground for the construction of a new $8-million building for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The three-storey structure, beside the School of Nursing, will house smart classrooms, faculty offices, and research laboratories.


In a campus-wide referendum, students, faculty, and staff voted 68% in favor of a smoke-free campus, making Lakehead the first university in Ontario to ban smoking, and the first in Canada to have put the issue to a plebiscite.

Visual Arts Instructor HONORED by Peers
Sarah LinkSarah Link, a Sessional Instructor in Visual Arts, has been inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. The Academy was founded in 1880, and artists are selected through a peer nomination and review process. Link has become one of about 20 top Canadian artists in the field of ceramics to receive the honor.
Photo courtesy of Lori Fox Rossi.
WORLD LEADER in Forensic Identification

Paleo DnaLakehead’s Paleo-DNA Laboratory is the first university laboratory in Canada to become accredited by the Standards Council of Canada – and to conform to ISO standards ISO/IEC 17025 – for human identification testing in the forensic DNA testing program. “Our state-of-the-art services and research facility, together with our highly trained staff, position the Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory as a world leader in forensic identification of highly degraded and difficult DNA samples,” says Director Carney Matheson. Matheson and his team are currently working on projects to identify mummified remains from Hungary, Egypt, Peru, and Chile, as well as skeletonised remains from all over the world, including Canadian World War I soldiers listed as missing in action. For more information visit www.ancientdna.com


Professor Aicheng ChenProfessor Aicheng Chen has received a Premier’s Research Excellence Award in recognition of his work in the field of electrochemistry. Chen is assisting in the development of innovative technologies to degrade lignin, a waste product of the pulp and paper industry, to form new value-added chemicals and chemical feedstocks. His research has the potential of reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes in the mining and pulp and paper sectors, and of increasing Canada’s competitiveness in domestic and international markets.


Congratulations to Kailash Bhatia, a Technologist in the Department of Civil Engineering, for receiving the 2004 Lakehead University Award to Staff for Outstanding Performance and/or Contributions. For the past 15 years, Bhatia has played an important role in Lakehead’s teaching and research labs and special programs such as the international Student Steel Bridge Competition.


We received many comments on the new design of the Magazine, almost all of them overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations to Dominic Lacaria (MEd’82), winner of the draw for a Lakehead U sweatshirt.

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