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Lakehead University Magazine Fall/Winter 2008



Loved the latest issue. The interview with Dr. Gilbert on WiFi was one of the most thought-provoking features I've read in an alumni publication.

Karen Lewis
Thunder Bay

I think that banning WiFi because it might have an adverse effect on humans is a terrible idea. Internet is one of the most valuable resources and tools available, especially for students. To make it unavailable in many areas of the school is a very poor idea.

If Lakehead honestly thinks that cutting out WiFi waves is going to save students from permanent damage, the University needs to realize that there are many other different types of radiation all over. To cut out WiFi is like having a chain smoker cut out one cigarette per month; itís not going to do much.

A university that claims to be on the leading edge of communications and technology and doesn't have wireless Internet is laughable. I'm sure this policy has turned many students away from Lakehead over the years.

I certainly hope that Fred Gilbert will re-evaluate his position on this policy, and before 2010 when he steps down as President

Adam Mace
Thunder Bay



I want to express my appreciation to the students who voted in favor of paying up to an additional $15 per semester to cover the cost of rehabilitating the pool and change rooms at the C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse. I also want to thank Tom Warden, Director of Athletics, for hosting three public meetings during the public consultation process, to the members of the LUSU Executive, especially Richard Longtin, LUSU President, and to all those who expressed their views in support of "Saving the Pool."

As a regular donor to the Alumni Annual Fund, and longtime user of the swimming pool, I am pleased that Lakehead University is now allowing me to designate my annual gift to the Pool. I have already made a three-year pledge with the understanding that every dollar I designate to the Pool will mean one less dollar Lakehead students will have to pay to preserve this vital community resource.

Nancy Luckai, PhD
Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment


I must write to thank you. A girlfriend I met while attending Trent University was able to contact me because of Class Notes. She is the secretary to the Premier of Bermuda! I was so excited to reconnect with her and want to thank you because it was due to the write-up in the Lakehead University Online Magazine that she was able to locate me.

I graduated with a BEd from Lakehead in May 2007 and now work full-time as a teacher (Grade 7 and 8) at Lansdowne House, a fly-in First Nations Community.

In June 2008 I received an award highlighting my dedication to promoting First Nations Culture.

Shelley Adams
Lansdowne House

Class Notes will return in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue.
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