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Student Profile: Anna Lisa Martin & Sami Pritchard

Leap into Lakehead Life

Kathy Hunt
Published July 29, 2015
Above: Anna Lisa and Sami get Orillia students into the orientation spirit during the 2014 O-Cup Challenge.

Anna Lisa Martin and Sami Pritchard are two exceptional Lakehead students from small town Ontario. Both are Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science and Bachelor of Education students who have experienced just about every leadership role on campus – from student union member to orientation leader to campus spokesperson.

How did you first get involved as a leader on campus?

Sami Pritchard
Sami Pritchard is determined to show Lakehead students that they can have a big impact.

Anna Lisa – For me it was intramural sports – I joined the volleyball team. At the end of second year, I signed up as an orientation leader.

Sami – I became the Residence Council president. After my first year of advocating for students, I became an orientation leader.

What was a leadership highlight?

Anna Lisa – After Sami and I came back from a Canadian Conference on Student Leadership, our goal was to pump up school spirit. We brought everyone together to build up the "O-Cup Challenge" (short for Orientation Cup) which became the highlight of our annual orientation activities.

Sami – I agree! Not to mention the competitive spirit between Anna Lisa and me – my "Team Splash" won two O-Cup Challenges in a row and then we lost to Anna Lisa's "Navy Seals" in our final year. I had the time of my life as an orientation leader.

How did you become such an effective leadership team?

Anna Lisa – We feed off each other's energy – and Sami's energy and exuberance is infectious. I don't know if I could have been so successful at Lakehead without having people like Sami around me.

Sami – Almost every other day we say to each other, "just gotta catch the right gust of wind." Anna Lisa reminds me to make the best of whatever situation you're in. As she would say, "We might be in the middle of a tornado right now, but there has to be a gentle gust out there somewhere!"

What are you most proud of when it comes to your experiences at Lakehead?

Anna Lisa Martin
Anna Lisa Martin, who graduated in May 2015, wants to travel and teach abroad.

Anna Lisa – I think what I am most proud of is the cohesive community that exists on campus and the inspiring group of leaders that have surrounded us.

Sami – Definitely – it's the leaders on campus that work every day to contribute to our unique community. When we see the pride among our peers in being Thunderwolves, well, there's no better feeling than that.

What have your campus roles led to?

Anna Lisa – I was honoured to be chosen as a "Voice of Convocation" speaker for our 2015 graduating class. And just two days before convocation, I returned from an amazing trip! I was one of two Lakehead Orillia students selected for a teaching practicum with Maple Leaf Educational Schools in Dalian, China.

Sami – Recently, I was elected treasurer of the Canadian Federation of Students' Ontario Executive Committee, the first member from north of the GTA to sit on the provincial executive in 15 years! I'm also beginning my first term as Vice-President, Orillia with the Lakehead University Student Union. I could not have a better job in the world.

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