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Great Grads: Rob Zuback (HBCom'88)

Published August 05, 2015
Rob Zuback in a blue jacket and teal shirt standing outside
(photo credit: Christina Zuback Photography)

Rob Zuback – the youngest of a family of five children from Fort William – lived and breathed Lakehead University from an early age.

Both his sisters were Lakehead education students as well as varsity cheerleaders. "When I was a little kid in the 70s," Rob says, "I watched them cheer on the men's basketball team."

After high school, Rob became a Lakehead student too. He enrolled in the commerce program, specializing in marketing, and played hockey on the business association intramural team.

Lakehead University's 50 year anniversary logo

50th Anniversary Memories

Who was your favourite band while you were at Lakehead?

Kiss and AC/DC. I also remember going to David Wilcox concerts in The Study and seeing Nash the Slash play in the main cafeteria.

Was there a particular course or professor that stood out?

Absolutely, my business professors Doug Alexander, Harry Elmslie, and Rob Cameron were great. I was also there the first year Gary Munroe taught political studies. Gary was a character and a very intelligent guy.

What is your most vivid Lakehead memory?

Working on group projects with my buddies during my graduation year. We were a close-knit bunch and we met some great students from other parts of the country and the world.

What are your thoughts on Lakehead's 50th Anniversary?

Lakehead and I are the same age – I was born in '65. Since then, Lakehead has grown significantly and should be proud of its accomplishments. I'm glad that I was part of its development.

Lakehead would play an even larger role in his life following his degree.

Two years after graduation, Rob was hired as a development officer for the launch of Lakehead's Share Our Northern Vision campaign. Like his new colleagues, Rob was committed to making a difference for students. By 1994 he had been promoted to manager of alumni services (later alumni relations) and also served as the director of the Ontario division of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE).

"It's all about stewarding relationships with people."

For over 14 years, Rob strengthened ties with alumni, enhanced Lakehead's reputation, and made many good friends with fellow staff and faculty. "I still go back to the main cafeteria for lunch whenever I'm in town," he reports.

Rob joined the Red Cross in 2009 and put his fundraising skills to use as the head of the Northern Ontario zone. His time at the Red Cross brought fresh experiences and perspectives, but when he discovered that St. Lawrence College in southeastern Ontario was seeking an alumni and development director, it seemed serendipitous.

Since arriving at St. Lawrence in January 2015, Rob has enjoyed settling back into the postsecondary world. St. Lawrence has three campuses in Cornwall, Brockville, and Kingston and has a mandate to provide accessible education for the region.

Rob Zuback's success in this demanding field boils down to his understanding that, in both work and life, "it's all about stewarding relationships with people."

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