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Published July 10, 2012

Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Strategic planning sets the direction, describes the future the University wants to achieve over the next five years and, in so doing, defines success. It is the basis for monitoring and accountability.

Lakehead University's next decade will be one with a major set of challenges and opportunities including budget constraints, sustainability, comprehensiveness, student needs, and improved access. The Strategic Plan aims to take these all into account, while striving to integrate major successes of the last few years, such as the opening of the Orillia campus and the new Faculty of Law.

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Last Chance Tourism

Harvey Lemelin
Harvey Lemelin

Last Chance Tourism: Adapting Tourism Opportunities in a Changing World draws on a range of international case studies that highlight "doom tourism" in different regions and in different contexts.

"In the past, most of the discussion about tourism challenges has pertained to the physical aspects of climate change," said Professor Harvey Lemelin, Lakehead's SSHRC Research Chair in Parks and Protected Areas and co-editor of the book. "What we are trying to do in this book is highlight the physical as well as the various historical, social, and political dimensions of climate change."

Lakehead Bridge Builders Place Second in Lightness

Engineering students from Lakehead University placed first among non-US teams and 11th overall in the 2012 National Student Steel Bridge Competition this past May. In total, 52 teams competed including three teams from Canada.

Lakehead, which won the competition last year, consistently performs well in this competition often placing in the top ten. Teams seem to be particularly skilled in the Lightness category and this year was no different as their bridge placed second overall in that category.

The University of California, Berkeley, took the top prize, followed by MIT and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Congratulations go out to team members Raquel Almeida, Norman Fong, Brian Glavish, Xaver Kargl, Timothy Klassen, and Peter Luckai, with faculty advisor Professor Tony Gillies and Civil Engineering Technologist Conrad Hagstrom.

Lakehead Team Wins SIFE Award

A team of Lakehead University students has won a prestigious Entrepreneurs First! grant from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Lakehead's Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) beat out 50 other SIFE teams to win a $2,500 award.

Their proposal, "The Aboriginal Economic Development Program," will help Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal entrepreneurs enhance their business skills and stimulate economic growth in Aboriginal communities.

"We knew the competition would be fierce," said Allison O'Shea, SIFE Lakehead president. "It forced us to think about what makes us unique as well as SIFE's mission to increase the quality of life and standard of living through the positive power of business."

Geology Student Gold Rush

Victoria Stinson
Victoria Stinson

Victoria Stinson will never be broke. Even while working toward her Master of Science in Geology, Stinson has received many employment opportunities, all with exceptional rates of pay. One all-expense tour through the Rocky Mountains she attended with other geologists culminated in job offers from major global companies.

Stinson's particular specialty is gold deposits. From mapping her findings, she can interpret the history of the rocks in the area and determine whether or not they possess gold. "It's a lot like being a detective," Stinson said.

Lakehead was the ideal university for her. "We have some of the best profs in the world and the support they offer to students is incredible," she said. "And, unlike at some other universities where you have to travel to do fieldwork, Lakehead is surrounded by rock. You just have to walk outside."


Professor Paul R. Carr in the Department of Sociology and the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies has won the American Educational Studies Association's Critic's Choice Book Award for his book entitled Does Your Vote Count? Critical Pedagogy and Democracy, published in 2010 by Peter Lang.

Education Students Design Interactive "Jurassic Park"

students enjoying the interactive 'Jurassic park'

A group of 25 of Lakehead Orillia professional year education students designed Jurassic Park 2012, a conference held in May for gifted elementary school students from the Simcoe County District School Board.

Over 200 students from Grades 4 to 8 came to the Orillia campus to become palaeontologists for the day. This was the second such conference to be held at the campus and provides outstanding learning opportunities for both the elementary students and our teacher candidates.

The program included various hands-on workshops such as: Dino Bones: An Excursion into the Lost World, Whose Ethics are They Anyway?, Dinosaur Structures, and Dinosaur Dig.

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