Lakehead University Alumni Magazine

Great Grads: Rob Jamieson is Ready for Action

Tracey Skehan
Published March 05, 2013
Above: Rob Jamieson (HBOR'94, BA'94), President of the Board of Directors, Alumni Association of Lakehead University

Last November, Rob Jamieson became the first person from outside of Thunder Bay to be elected President of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association. And he's more than ready to take on the challenge. "I think it will be an exciting year, especially since it's the most diverse board we've ever had," Jamieson says, "We've reached out to Aboriginal people, women, and more senior and junior alumni."

But it's not the first time Jamieson has been in a leadership role at Lakehead. This Outdoor Recreation and Geography grad served as president of the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) in 1993-94. Jamieson recalls that the outgoing LUSU president approached him and said, "I think you should run because you seem to want to get involved and make a difference." Jamieson took his advice to heart and established key programs and services, like the student health plan and student food bank, that continue to support Lakehead students today.

After graduation, he joined the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and is now a detective sergeant based in Barrie, Ontario. Jamieson chose to do policing in a rural location because it combined his love of the outdoors with his desire to help people. "When you're able to support victims and give them closure through a successful investigation," he explains, "it's very rewarding."

Despite his demanding career, Jamieson has sought to maintain his Lakehead connection. He is one of the founders of the Simcoe County Alumni Chapter and he sits on the Orillia Campus Advisory Committee. "In the University setting, you get to give back and I enjoy working with progressive like-minded people."

He'll be pouring his abundant energy into building stronger relationships with the University's more than 50,000 alumni. "At Lakehead, you become a member of the Alumni Association after completing five full credits. That's one of the reasons we've launched the Lakehead University Student Alumni Association (LUSAA) – we want to engage students while they are on campus."

Engagement is at the heart of Rob Jamieson's vision for the Alumni Association. In the coming year, he and his fellow board members will focus on reinvigourating and growing Lakehead's Aboriginal, Toronto, and Simcoe County chapters as well as securing greater benefits for alumni and celebrating their many accomplishments. In the end, Jamieson says, "It's all about bringing people together."

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