Lakehead University Alumni Magazine


Published April 28, 2011

Kudos to ORPT

It’s great to see so much about Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (OPRT) in the most recent magazine.  As an alumnus of the School of ORPT, and now a collaborator on many projects with Harvey Lemelin, Rhonda Koster, and Brent Cuthbertson, it’s nice to see them receiving this recognition and coverage.

Patrick T. Maher, BA/HBOR’00 (Lakehead), PhD, FRGS
Associate Professor, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management Program, University of Northern British Columbia

Style and Spelling

In general we see that Lakehead University Magazine uses traditional Canadian spelling, as used by the Canadian Press. However, in the last issue the word ‘travellers’ was spelled according to U.S. spelling, with one ‘l’ (p. 28). Was this an oversight or is the Magazine’s spell checker program not set to catch this particular word? The magazine is quite vibrant and I think represents Lakehead University very well.
Gregory Crook, BScF’73

Editor’s Note: Since the publication of the Fall/Winter 2010 issue, the Office of Communications has been in the process of developing a Language and Style Guide for Lakehead University staff to enhance the consistency, clarity, and effectiveness of campus communications.  
We hope to complete Style Guide soon.

Linda A. Henderson,
HBPHE’82, BEd’85, MSc’85 
Director, Department of Athletics and Recreation
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Photo courtesy of NAIT

Linda A. Henderson

Last fall we heard from Linda Henderson who has three degrees from Lakehead and is now Director of the Department of Athletics and Recreation at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). In October 2010, she was featured in an article in NAIT’s TechLife Magazine and she pointed out that Lakehead Athletics had also written about her career back in June 2007. “I truly loved my time at Lakehead, both as a student and an athlete, and if I am able to give back in any way I would be happy to do so,” she says.

In the NAIT article, writer Michael Hingston says, “Henderson is the face of a major push by NAIT to revamp the athletics program from the ground up. It’s a bold, aggressive initiative that began in 2008 with her hiring and the department’s rebranding …and continues all the way up to the financial backing that allowed Henderson to hire six full-time coaches just months after her arrival on campus.”

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