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Published April 29, 2010
Ray Atwood's painting The Lost Twelve – Peter's Fault was part of the 2009 Juried Student Exhibition and was purchased by the Alumni Association. Ray Atwood (above) is shown here in front of the mural he painted for Red Earth Imports in Thunder Bay.

For more than 30 years, students in Lakehead University’s Department of Visual Arts have had the pleasure of displaying their art on the same gallery walls used by such illustrious Canadian artists as Norval Morrisseau, Joyce Weiland, and A.Y. Jackson.

Alumni have also staged their own exhibitions at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. Governor General’s Award Winner Duncan Weller’s exhibition, The Art of Duncan Weller, took place in April 2008. Luke Nicol and Leslie Shaw’s work appeared in the Limnology Project from September to November 2009. And several student works appeared in Thirty Points of Light, a Regional Artists Group Exhibition held from December 2005 to January 2006.

Family & Friends
Students, faculty, and friends mingle at the opening of the annual Juried Student Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
Lakehead faculty members have often staged individual exhibitions at the Gallery. Sarah Link’s Honour, Acquisition... and Drift showed from May to June 2005. Mark Nisenholt’s Stranger in Paradise took place in February of 2008. Alison Kendall's in the name of healing was featured in September and October of 2008. And Roland Martin’s Cascade exhibition ran in April and May 2009. Martin’s work, BIG BACK YARD, was purchased by the Gallery for their Permanent Collection and was exhibited in the summer of 2009.

Thanks to the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Lakehead University’s Department of Visual Arts gets to “strut its stuff” while Lakehead students have yet another incentive to produce their best work.

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