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Promoting Environmental Stewardship

Carrie McClelland, HBOR/BSc'06, MES'08

Brigitte Petersen
Published October 22, 2010

Carrie McClelland is using her Lakehead education to promote environmental stewardship by actively engaging people in the natural surroundings of the Yukon.

McClelland completed an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science at Lakehead University in 2006. In 2008, she earned a Master of Environmental Studies in Nature-based Recreation and Tourism. Her thesis, supervised by Professor Margaret Johnston, focused on the people who volunteer with outdoor recreation activities (such as the 2007 Canada Winter Games held in the Yukon) and how they believed their efforts benefitted their community and themselves.

Carrie McClelland, HBOR/BSc’06, MES’08
Carrie McClelland, HBOR/BSc'06, MES'08
After completing her thesis research, McClelland decided to relocate to the Yukon. She is currently employed as a wildlife viewing technician for the Yukon Government's Fish and Wildlife Branch. Along with a team of biologists, McClelland plans, designs, and delivers interpretive programs and information about local wildlife.

For this grad, sustainable development in tourism means a combination of education and cooperation.

"I feel that tourism trends are changing," she explains. "More people are seeking true engagement in their travels and we have the opportunity to harness that energy into real knowledge and appreciation. However, this can only be done with organizations working together, not counteracting each other."

One example of how this works in the North is through balancing hunting with the opportunity to showcase wildlife in their natural habitat, cites McClelland.

"These activities don't need to be opposite but can work in partnership to teach people about the land," she says. "Sustainable development in tourism utilizes education for both local people as stewards of a resource, and visitors as global messengers of that attraction."

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