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Time to Celebrate

Frances Harding
Published April 22, 2009
Frances Harding
Frances Harding

It is fitting that Adam Moir be on the cover of Lakehead University Magazine as we celebrate the graduation of the Charter Class of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) in May 2009.  Not only is Adam one of two inaugural year recipients of NOSM Making a Difference – Student Citizenship Award (2006), he is also the recipient of a Lakehead University Entrance Award (1996), given annually by the Alumni Association to a high school graduate demonstrating leadership and community involvement.

But Adam is a modest fellow.  When we met for a photo session at the entrance to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre last winter, I had to assure him that by agreeing to be on the cover of the Magazine he is representing all nine of the Lakehead University graduates who are part of the Charter Class. The other eight not able to join us that day are: Nicole Beauvais (HBSc'05); David Janhunen (HBK'03); Tracy Michano (HBScN'95); Benjamin Quackenbush (MPH'04); Lise Mozzon (HBScN’92); Ella Goodman (BScN’03, MPH’07); Nicole St. Jacques (HBSc-Applied Bio-Molecular Science’05); and Tara Spicer (NURSP'03, BScN'99). Congratulations to all.

With the cover story in place (NOSM Celebrates Historical Milestones) and a few other ideas involving cardiovascular research (Blood Pressure and H2S: What is the Connection?), nursing (Multi-Talented Millennial), and palliative care in Aboriginal communities (Great Grads), it wasn't long before a "Health Sciences" theme had emerged for the Spring/Summer issue that could be linked to another significant piece of news.

In June 2008 Lakehead announced the creation of a new Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences bringing together the Schools of Nursing, Social Work, and Kinesiology, the Department of Psychology, and the academic programs in Public Health and Gerontology – all of which work together with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  Since that time, Lori Livingston, a professor of Kinesiology from Dalhousie University, has been appointed Dean, effective July 1, 2009.

"The new Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences offers greater visibility focus, and cohesion for the University's growing number of health students, researchers, and academic programs while also emphasizing health-related basic research," says Lakehead University President Fred Gilbert.  "We believe the new Faculty name reflects this focus and will further strengthen Lakehead's academic reputation."

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