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Published October 29, 2009


I was thrilled to see Adam Moir as your recent cover choice for the Magazine. This guy is truly inspiring. What he has been through personally, with his own medical issues, and how he is still on track to graduate and amazing marks at that... heís un-stoppable! Itís also impressive that he wants to help out his community by staying and practicing locally. Iím so proud of this guy! Just wanted to say excellent choice for the cover and I'm honored to call this guy my friend.

Marianne Wyllie, BAí02, BEdí03 Shatford Memorial Elementary School Hubbards, Nova Scotia


Editorís Message

Professor Penny Petrone
Professor Penny Petrone

In the Spring/Summer 2009 issue, under Editor's Message, we said there were a total of six Lakehead University alumni among the 55 members of the NOSM Charter Class who graduated last May. In fact there were nine. We missed Lise Mozzon (HBScNí92), Ella Goodman (BScNí03, MPH'07), and Nicole St.Jacques (HBSc-Applied Bio-Molecular Scienceí05). Thank you to Ella Goodman and Professor Heidi Schraft for pointing this out.

Distinguished Instructors

Joyce T. Forbes, Professor Emerita of English, wrote to say that in our list of Lakehead University Distinguished Instructor Award Recipients in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue, we missed the late Professor Penny Petrone (Faculty of Education) who was the first recipient of the Award in 1988. Her name should have been at the top of the list! 

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